Michael Workman - Solo Exhibition


Michael Workman’s idyllic landscapes reflect the unwavering beauty and spiritual connection the artist finds in nature. Pastoral scenes, sunlit mountains, and panoramic vistas are inspired by Workman’s local environment in rural Utah and occasionally his travels abroad. Rather than seek out nature’s grandeur, Workman is drawn to subtle moments that evoke a sense of peace and quiet wonder. Through abstracted edges and loose brushwork, the artist creates an emotional depiction of the landscape rather than an exact replication. 

“I look for things that are beautiful without being overly syrupy sweet,” he says. “I’m trying to do things that are not just copies of nature. I’m trying to say things, create an emotional response.”

Workman’s latest collection of paintings represents the artist’s balance of traditional and contemporary painting styles while also marking his first show in recent years with Meyer Gallery, where he has been represented for nearly thirty years. According to the artist, this collection of work harkens back to his earliest inspirations as a representational painter inspired by 19th century tonalism and the emotionally charged work of George Inness. This foundation combined with his recent inclinations toward more modern styles has led to a body of work that is rich and dynamic, expressive and new. Over the past several years, Workman has begun a deeper study of artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Mark Rothko as he resonates with their emotional processes. 

Workman currently lives and works in Spring City, Utah, with Meyer Gallery as his exclusive representation in the southwest. He received his BA and MFA from Brigham Young University in 1992, and pursued a career as an architectural illustrator before transitioning to a full time professional painter. His work has been featured in publications such as Southwest Art Magazine, Santa Fean Magazine and more.

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