Trish Coonrod

Trish Coonrod

Asparagus, Balsamic Glaze and Wooden Masher
16 x 12 in

About The Artist

Trish Coonrod

 Trish Coonrod is a classically trained artist living and working in Ithaca NY. She grew up in Danvers, MA with 9 older siblings and has always loved to paint and draw. She majored in painting at Washington University in St. Louis, and The New York Academy of Art, graduating with honors in 1995. She has lived in Ithaca NY since 2006 with her husband, 2 children, several dogs, and chickens.


"I am a still life painter, particularly interested in fruit and flowers. I enjoy exploring their colors and idiosyncrasies of form which can imply gesture and personality. Each object is unique and the interactions between objects point to a story or dialogue. I'm an enthusiastic gardener and my paintings often include subject matter that I've grown.



The New York Academy of Art, 1995 MFA, Graduated Cum Laude

Washington University, St. Louis MO, 1989, BFA

Professional Experience

Jeff Koons Productions studio artist 1996-97, assistant manager, 1999-2003

Evergreene Painting Studios, New York NY commissioned mural painter, 1998


Bill Chiasson, “Painting From Life: Trish Coonrod,” Ithaca Times, 12/31/2013

Sabrina Knight “Local Artist in Love with Landscapes,” Ithaca Times, 7/17/2013

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