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Douglas Fryer: Revisitations

November 8, 2018 - Kelly Skeen

Douglas Fryer’s paintings emphasize nature’s abstract elements through quick marks, loose forms and broken brushstrokes, which together form enlivened landscapes with a modern edge. Through a push-pull creative process, the artist blends, scrapes, adds and subtracts to form energetic compositions that are alive with movement yet retain a subdued and moody tone. The defined details of windblown trees or foggy mountains are smudged and smeared as Fryer aims to mimic the relative motion and abstraction of our own perception. “I want to express the idea that reality is more fluid,” he explains. “Though my eye and mind may focus on one thing in a scene, in reality all else is soft, interpenetrating in motion.”

Douglas Fryer’s paintings are under constant revision in the studio; an entire composition can be redirected with a single mark as the artist is guided and misguided by his intuitive and painterly process. “Each painting finds new life and shifting identity with each iteration,” he says. Through his solo show, “Revisitations” Fryer contemplates the elusive route he takes to arrive at a completed painting. “I find myself obsessively rendering light and form with relatively small and broken strokes, only to take another brush or knife to broaden, simplify or soften the edges or transitions,” he says. “This goes on day after day, back and forth, until the painting begins to express the idea of infinite variety within a deliberate mode of unification of design.”

For this year’s show, the majority of Fryer’s exhibition paintings are smaller works that call for intimate interaction. “I feel quite attached to even the smallest of paintings and have a close connection to them,” explains Fryer. “Even the seemingly least significant work can inspire feelings of awe as well as intimacy.”

Douglas Fryer’s studio is located central Utah where the surrounding rural landscape is his most prevalent inspiration. Paintings for “Revisitations,” however, also feature scenes from northern New Mexico and Europe. In addition to new oil paintings, Fryer will debut a series of contemporary monotypes with soft edges and mysterious forms that dissolve into negative space. Click here to preview these new works and join us at the gallery for the opening of Douglas Fryer: “Revisitations” on Friday, November 16th from 5-7pm.

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