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The Romantic, Time-Honored Works of Daniel Gerhartz

June 28, 2017

The Romantic, Time-Honored Works of Daniel Gerhartz


There are two narratives that simultaneously exist in Daniel Gerhartz’ compositions. One is the literal subject matter and symbolism behind his figurative or landscape imagery, while the other is the thread of visual beauty that, according to the artist, is “weaving a story in your heart whether you know it or not.”

“There is such a profound message in all beauty,” says Gerhartz, who feels a spiritual connection to his subjects. Timeless, idyllic imagery including classically adorned still life scenes, lush and wintery landscapes, graceful ballerinas and intimate figurative portraits make up Gerhartz’ latest body of work for his solo exhibition. Inherent, classic beauty is the connective thread throughout the show, along with the Wisconsin artist’s exuberant brushwork and impassioned painting style.

Gerhartz’ literal narratives often speak to the nature of relationships and human gestures, from single introspective female portraits to multi figurative scenes of sisters, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons. “Contemplative,” an example of the former, depicts the profile of a young woman lost in thought at she gazes down at a small white vase held gently in her hands. White orchids bloom and grow in the space behind her as an antique teakettle sits stoically in the background. The viewer is encouraged to associate their own meaning with the apparent symbolism, which results in a nostalgic response to each devotionally rendered painting.

Gerhartz links the felt vibrations associated with musical compositions to the affective impact of harmonized color, which he also seeks to portray through his work. The rhythmic brushstrokes that make up the lush green leaves and lilacs in "To Cherish" is echoed throughout the painting, existing in harmony with a sacred moment shared between two sisters. The soft movement of green and violet hues is subtly layered throughout the piece, and can be found within the figures’ flowing white blouses and serene expressions.

Gerhartz’ consistent and masterfully executed paintings are created from the artist’s visceral response to life’s cherished moments and nature’s awe-inspiring abundance. Meyer Gallery is proud to present his solo exhibition that opens Friday, July 7th and runs through July 13th. View his latest paintings here.


-Kelly Skeen

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