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Natalie Featherston receives Best Trompe L’oeil award in the 15th International Art Renewal Center Salon competition

January 18, 2021

Meyer Gallery painter, Natalie Featherston, has just been announced as the winner of the Best Trompe L’oeil award in the 15th International Art Renewal Center Salon competition, for her work titled “Nesting Instinct”. This year the ARC received 4,941 entries from 83 countries 

Artist Natale Featherston conceived of this trompe l’oeil painting at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, when the public was asked to stay home. Using a three-dimensional panel, she has painted the sides to create the illusion of a cardboard box. The nest appears in an almost perilous condition, ready to tip it’s precious cargo out of the box- a feeling the artist identified with as the pandemic began, with its fear and uncertainty.

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