Sekoya Original (furniture)



This is Sequoia and if you are one of our old buyers returning, then many thanks for all your support over the years. Due to overwhelming success of my retail store in Santa Fe, its recent expansion and my other interests, I have not been able to pay the wholesale side of Sequoia Collections the attention it deserves.

But these designs continue to be seen as unique and continue to do extremely well in my retail store to this day.

In order to make these designs once again available to the wholesale market, on June 1st, 2008 the wholesale side of Sequoia Collections changed hands. It is now owned by two of my very charming, hard-working long time employees and friends, Luis and Loren. They have run the Sequoia Studio for the last 10 years and know it all.

I will continue to be available to them to keep new designs coming to you over the years. Luis and Loren are very organized, committed to making on-time deliveries and pleasant to do business with.

The new name of the business under which these Sequoia Designs will continue to be made and sold is Sekoya Originals.