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Suchitra Bhosle: Sacred Spaces

May 30, 2018 - Kelly Skeen

“There is abstraction in everything,” says painter Suchitra Bhosle, whose work falls under the framework of realism but is carried out with a loose, atmospheric style. Bhosle’s latest paintings for Sacred Spaceshave grown even more impressionistic with quick brushwork and pure layers of pigment. Even with this increasingly energetic process, Suchitra Bhosle’s paintings keep a quiet, mysterious tone due to her skillful attention to light and nuanced color harmonies. “I’m drawn to the dynamic dialogue between shape and color,” she says. “Not necessarily the vibrant but the subtle relationships.”

Sacred Spacesis an exhibition of nearly 20 works that convey this poetic realism. Suchitra Bhosle interprets a sacred space literally with paintings of church naves and interiors, subject matter she’s been exploring over the past several years as a departure from her female figures. Bhosle’s interior paintings are inspired by her time in California and the southwest as well as her Indian roots. Images from the Taos San Francisco de Assisi Mission Church, the Old Mission Santa Barbara, Uspenski Cathedral in Helsinki and more will be present in the show. Bhosle is drawn to paint these old world churches for their interesting architecture, intimate light and serene calmness.

Suchitra Bhosle’s exhibition paintings also imply that a sacred space is not necessarily defined as a place of worship. Sacred in White, for example, depicts an Indian woman as she adorns herself with jewelry, symbolizing the cherished beautifying ritual of an Indian bride known as Solah Shringar. Bathed in Moonlight is a more abstracted image of a nude woman draped in white cloth. The gestural brushwork surrounding the figure and illuminated colors of her drapery indicate the sanctity of the moment.

Suchitra Bhosle was born in India where she lived for 25 years before moving to the United States. She and her husband lived in California and took regular trips to New Mexico before recently moving to the east coast. Master artists such as John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn, Joaquin Sorolla, Nicolai Fechin and Jules Bastien-Lepage are all influencers of her style, as well as the artist’s personal life experiences.

Sacred Spacesopens Friday, June 1stfrom 5-7pm and will remain on display through June 8th. Preview new work here.

-Kelly Skeen

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