Slade Wheeler


Slade Wheeler born 1970. In his earliest childhood, Slade fell in love with color, light and music. Growing up in a family of artisans and musicians, he both heard and saw the beauty that they created. From them, he learned that excellence of technique and depth of emotion are at the heart of any artistic work that strives to be a masterpiece. As he grew, he began to express himself in music and in painting, constantly searching for ways to draw from the experience of one to create the other.

At the age of 13 Slade was recognized for his artistic aptitude and was offered an apprenticeship by Ra, a classical realist. In exchange for art lessons, Slade cleaned and organized the painter's studio and began building the artistic foundation that would guide him toward the traditional representational painting that he practices today.

In college, Slade followed instructors who specialized in classical forms of teaching. After years of study in anatomy, composition and two-dimensional design, he began the extensive study of past Masters. Over time Slade discovered his love for the minute details and the use of symbolism that realism and trompe l'oeil styles offer. His work is often laced with allegory and contemporary references, narrated by the use of everyday objects and icons placed in near-surreal settings. He remains dedicated to the traditional approach and “close observation” that is required for the precise execution his paintings.

Slade Wheeler resides in Coarsegold CA, near Yosemite National Park, with his wife, daughter and son.