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Jose Antonio Farrera


JOSÉ ANTONIO FARRERA (México City, 1964)
BA in Painting from the National School of Painting.
Sculpture and Engraving “La Esmeralda”, INBA.
Master in Visual Arts, Graphic area, National School of Visual Arts “Academia de San Carlos”, UNAM.
He has received several awards and distinctions, which are:
Member Sistema Nacional de Creadores Artísticos FONCA 2010-2013.
Acquisition Award at the National Contest of Painting José Atanacio Monroy 2010, Guadalajara.
Acquisition Award at the First Biennial of Painting Pedro Coronel, Zacatecas, México, 2008.
Acquisition Award in the Grand Prix Omnilife, Installation category, Guadalajara, México, 2000.
Double Honorable Mention in the First Painting Biennial of Gomez Palacio, Durango, 2008.
Honorable Mention in the Painting Biennial Julio Castillo, Querétaro, 2008.
Honorable Mention in the National Biennial of Painting and Engraving Alfredo Zalce, Michacán, 1999.
Honorable Mention in the Painting Competition “Por pasión al Arte” at the Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City in 1997.
Honorable Mention in the Art Exhibition Auctin, Izutsu Department Store, Kokura, Japan in 1995.
First place in the I drawing contest in the ENPEG "La Esmeralda" in 1994.
He has participated in more than three hundred fifty exhibitions being the most important group: Arte Joven in its editions XI to XV, 1991-1996; the National Exhibition of Visual Arts Threedimensional Section in 1997 and Bidimensional Section in 1998, the National Biennial Alfredo Zalce in 1997 and 1999, the Grand Prix OMNILIFE in 1999, 2000 and 2001; Notes for a twenty-first century collection, at the Museum of Modern Art; Contemporary Art in Mexico, Ludwin Museum in Hungary; the V Biennial of Monterrey in 2001; the First National Biennial of Contemporary Art in Yucatan in 2002; Mural Fragmentation, Museo Mural Diego Rivera in 2003; Neighborhood Conjectures in ARCO 2005 in Madrid, Spain; Ubérrima at the Mexico City Museum in 2005, the First Biennial of the Americas Rafael Cauduro in 2006. In 2008 at the First Biennial of Painting Pedro Coronel; the First Painting Biennial of Gómez Palacio, Durango; the XIV Diego Rivera’s National Biennial. In 2009 the National Painting Biennial Julio Castillo in Queretaro Description of a journey at the School of Christ in Aguascalientes, “ARTE-SANO” in the Folk Art Museum Mexico City; the IV National Biennial in Yucatan. In 2010 Description of a journey in the Gorman Museum in Sacramento, California USA.; the Second Biennial of Painting Pedro Coronel in Zacatecas, Fable of two conflagrations in the “Museo Universitario del Chopo” UNAM, Mexico City, the National Contest of Painting José Atanacio Monroy 2010, Guadalajara and the National Prize of Visual Arts in Querétaro. In 2011 URBANOS, Palomar del Minotauro gallery Mexico City.