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Jeff Otis


Jeff Otis is an oil painter, living in the American Southwest, who is known primarily for his landscapes.  
Half his pre-adult life was spent in Europe where his interest in art was facilitated by the proximity of some of the world’s greatest art museums.  Later, despite his interest in art, his university education revolved around other disciplines. After moving to New Mexico in 1969, he became involved in anthropological research at the University of New Mexico.     He eventually spent 8 months living on a Panamanian jungle island studying Howler monkeys.  After co-authoring two scientific publications based on this research, he went on to earn a graduate degree in mathematics.  This was followed by 17 years work as a statistical analyst.  
During this time, Otis expanded his interest in art.  In 1984, he began showing and selling his paintings professionally. Eventually, sales of his paintings accelerated and he opted to leave the corporate world and paint full time. 
Landscape, especially the dramatic vistas of the desert Southwest, soon became his central focus.  The light in New Mexico has a quality all its own, and this artist continually tries to capture its effects on the multiple desert colors around him.  His style is representational and often accompanied by contrasts of light and shade as well as dynamic color harmonies.   He attributes much of his development as a painter to great artists of the past such as Monet, Sargent, Millet, and Sorolla.  Contemporary artists having equally important influence include Wilson Hurley, Michael Lynch, Russell Chatham, Clyde Aspevig, Richard Schmid, Laura Robb, Dan Gerhartz, Wayne Wolfe, Ralph Oberg, Michael Lynch, David Leffel, and Sherrie Mcgraw. 
Jeff Otis currently lives in Albuquerque with his wife Ida.     
His work can be seen at Meyer Gallery in Santa Fe, Meyer Gallery in Scottsdale, Concetta D. Fine Arts in Albuquerque, and Waterhouse Gallery in Santa Barbara. 
He is a signature member of Oil Painters of America.  His paintings have won numerous awards including first place ribbons at the New Mexico State Fair Professional Exhibit (1993 and 2000) as well as the 2001 Purchase Award.  In 1996 he won the Excellence Award at the Oil Painters of America regional show.  His paintings are found in individual and corporate collections throughout the United States as well as Japan and Europe.