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Francis Livingston: 2019 Solo Exhibition

August 5, 2019 - Kelly Carper

Francis Livingston: 2019 Solo Exhibition

Just like the culture of the southwest, Francis Livingston’s western paintings are tapestries of color and pattern. Brightly colored leaves dance around cloaked Native American figures; wind blown foliage burns red or pink against a bright blue sky; and cowboys on horseback blend into a forest of loosely formed shapes. Livingston represents the vibrancy of the area with an exaggerated color palette and quick brushwork, while capturing New Mexico’s unique light as it filters through the trees and scatters through his paintings.

“I’ve gotten into this world of leaves, plants and vegetation and how that works with the human figure,” says Livingston of his layered landscapes. “I look at leaves and figures as pattern against pattern - and the more I explore that, the more interesting the composition becomes.”

Francis Livingston’s southwest paintings blend the styles of the Taos Founders and great western artists with that of Richard Diebenkorn, Wayne Thiebaud and others of the Bay Area Figurative Movement. This mixed influence comes from Livingston’s own experience as an illustrator and artist and the various art markets and environments he’s been exposed to throughout his career. Livingston was born in Cortez, Colorado and currently lives in Sun Valley, Idaho, giving him a foundation and deep appreciation for the western landscape, culture and history. But he also lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 20 years and has spent time in other large urban centers such as New York and Los Angeles. Here, linear architecture and abstract expressionist artwork seeped into his style and subject matter.

Today, Francis Livingston allows his past and current experiences to influence his paintings and vary his style. But specific subjects and locations are less important to the artist than the relationships he portrays between compositional elements such as shapes, patterns and color fields. “It’s still about creating a surface that when viewed, is interesting,” he says.

Francis Livingston will present 20 or more western landscapes for his 2019 Solo Exhibition, where he’ll also introduce a sampling of urban-inspired works to his southwest collector base. Join us for this dynamic exhibition opening on August 16thwith a reception from 5-7pm. Click here to preview his paintings

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