Brad Price


The bold brushstrokes and colors in expressionist works by Brad Price are inspired by the Southwest landscape and its rugged beauty. His work is a rebirth of the sense of style of early Taos painters and the Post-Impressionists. His works in oil are emotive and colorful with strong directional lines that he employs to guide the viewer into the world that he has seen and experienced. Through painting Brad Price makes an emotional visit to the scene he is painting. He experiences again what it was like to be there. He can smell the chamisa and hear the waxy clacking of the aspen leaves as they blow in the wind.  He can once again enjoy the breeze as it comes down from the mountains. When he paints, he is there.  When he hangs a painting on the wall, he invites others to be there with him. The amazing landscape of Northern New Mexico is his primary focus.  The light in New Mexico has a luminescent quality all its own, and Price seeks to capture its effects on canvas. His style emphasizes contrast and bold complementary color. His paintings are a total experience placed on canvas.  According to Price, “Art is experience and the sharing of experience. It is creating something new and beautiful for the world, and then sharing that moment with others.” 

An award-winning illustrator and graphic designer, Price exhibits his works in various galleries in the Southwestern US. During the Oklahoma Bi-centennial his works were exhibited at the Oklahoma State Capital. His work has been on the cover of Santa Fe Circle Magazine. In 2012, Mayor David Coss of Santa Fe, chose one of his paintings for the cover of the Centennial Issue of the Santa Fe Visitor’s Guide.