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Aimee Erickson: Vessels

August 21, 2019

Portland, Oregon painter Aimee Erickson presents thirty new paintings for her solo exhibition, “Vessels,” opening August 30thfrom 5-7pm. Erickson’s body of work includes figurative paintings, still lifes and illuminated interiors that signify comforting containment. “The theme of “Vessels” reflects my interest in what is or has been contained or held, whether by a vessel such as an antique pitcher, an ordinary dish like a plate or a bowl, by the interior space of a room, or by a person,” says Erickson. 

No matter what shape or look each “vessel” takes, Erickson’s subjects are literal or symbolic containers of human life or vitality. Still life paintings range from bright and bold to dark and moody, reflecting changing moods with varied lighting, perspectives and color tones. Her architectural and natural landscapes juxtapose inner and outer worlds, aligning similarly with her figures that suggest layers of human emotion.

Erickson describes her exhibition paintings:

“You'll see certain objects repeated in the still life paintings: they hold special appeal for me. There are interiors: light enters a room through a window, silhouetting anything near it and sending reflections back and forth across the surfaces inside. Two paintings include figures, without being portraits per se: the landscape of the human face can be depicted in such a way that the person's inner world is somehow revealed.”

Erickson translates her ideas and subjects onto canvas with liveliness, working with viscous paint, quick brushwork, warm color palettes or bold juxtaposed patterns. In this way, Erickson’s paintings become vessels themselves - denoting vitality as well as containing years of the artist’s personal observations, influences and experiences. “Inevitably and happily, there is something of my own inner world in every painting,” she says.

Aimee Erickson grew up in Sunnyvale, California and has lived and worked in Portland for 25 years. Trained as an illustrator, she holds a BFA in Visual Communication Design from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Since becoming a full-time professional painter, Erickson has received numerous awards in national competitions including Oil Painters of America, American Women Artists, the Portrait Society of America, and several notable plein air competitions. Click hereto preview paintings for her solo exhibition, “Vessels.”

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